gast kommt

when help you SMS-DOOR

  • after the booking your guest didn’t send you answered, although you try the contact with him

  • you get the information about his arrival time, but the arrival is late in the night

  • the guest made online reservation and arrive was in short time the flat

  • the guest had not expected delay

gast ruft

what can you do

  • do not matter where you are, you have full control to your door

  • the guest had called you and now you know, that he is in the front of the flat

  • your explain to him, that the flat is prepared for him and that the key are inside of the flat

  • you make a optionally visiting point later, so you can see the guest or also to receive the payment

Anruf an Door

there are a lot of variations with SMS-DOOR possible

  • you call the SMS-DOOR or send a text message to open the door of the house “buzzer”

  • you send a SMS to the SMS-DOOR to activate the motor on the door and to unlock the door of the flat

  • you can also lock the door of the flat

  • you can switch on/off of power loads like a heating, boiler…this before or after the visiting to save energy

Gast ist in der Wohnung

how was SMS-DOOR hopeful for you and for the guest?

  • the guest got easy and rapid the flat

  • you was able to ménage everything by phone

  • you didn’t missing bookings

  • you hadn’t waist time

  • your guest were satisfied

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