Door remote control with text message
unlock and lock the doors of your vacantion rentals

- open and close the doors of your flats for your guests
- swich ON/OFF the power loads in your apartments
- save time and stay free from appointments for waiting
- save personal costs and have all the time the door control
- make the booked flat any time available for the guest

Door remote control by phone
unlock and lock the doors of rentals

- unlock / lock of flat doors
- on / off of power loads by SMS
- save time and be flexiple for your guests
- make yor flats avalable any time

Door control by phone
unlock and lock doors with SMS

- open, close doors of flats
- ON/OFF of power loads
- safe time, stay flexible
- safe personal
- make flats available

- from anywhere
- easy mounting
- no modifications
- many variations
- low priced
- SMS from mobile phone
- from any place
- for any door

App inclusive